Ottawa COVID-19 Projections

Last updated on 06 March, 2021, 16:32:25.

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This website has forecasts of covid-19 cases and hospital use for the Ottawa area. Also included is covid-19 wastewater surveillance.

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Click here to access the COVID-19 Daily Dashboard created by Ottawa Public Health. The Ottawa Public Health dashboard provides up to date covid-19 metrics that inform projections presented on this website.


Data to 2021-03-05


Case halving time: 18.5 days

30 confirmed COVID-19 patients in hospital.

Including 25 acute care patients. 5 ICU patients.

Observed cases & hospital use

Note: New cases are based on approximate date of episode. Case data in the last 7 days should be considered preliminary as as public health investigators determine earliest onset date.

Note: As per Ottawa Public Health, hospital data reflecting the past 3-5 days should be considered preliminary as data is still being received and entered for this time period.


Short-term and long-term covid-19 projections are presented below. See More for a discussion about model interpretation and Methods for how the projections where created. Short-term projections reflect current covid-19 transmission; while long-term projections reflect sustained transmission trends. Short-term and long-term projections can trend in different directions when there are changing patterns of community covid-19 transmission.

Projections to 2021-03-12.

Dashed line represents the last date of observed cases.