Ottawa COVID-19 Projections

NOTE: Case and hospitalization projections have been temporarily paused. Reliable estimates of transmissibility (Rt) cannot be calculated due to restrictions in testing eligibility.

Last updated on 24 January, 2022, 09:28:57.

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This website has forecasts of COVID-19 cases and hospital use for the Ottawa area. Also included is COVID-19 wastewater surveillance.

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Click here to access the COVID-19 Daily Dashboard created by Ottawa Public Health. The Ottawa Public Health dashboard provides up to date COVID-19 metrics that inform projections presented on this website.


Data to 2022-01-22


Case halving time: 15 days

93 confirmed COVID-19 patients in hospital.

Including 79 acute care patients. 14 ICU patients.

Observed cases & hospital use

Note: New cases are based on approximate date of episode. Case data in the last 7 days should be considered preliminary as as public health investigators determine earliest onset date.""

Note: As per Ottawa Public Health, hospital data reflecting the past 3-5 days should be considered preliminary as data is still being received and entered for this time period.


Hospital census is the count of patients in all Ottawa hospitals at midnight on the previous day.

Transmission is the risk that a person becomes infected when they come in contact with a person with COVID-19.

Doubling time refers to the time it takes for the number of hospitalized patients to double in number. Conversely, halving time refers to the time it takes for the number of hospitalized patients to halve in number.

Daily growth is the rate of change in the hospitalization from day-to-day.

Physical distancing is a reduction in close contact between people.

Wise socializing is ensuring you don’t become a link in a COVID-19 transmission chain that ends in a person becoming hospitalized or dying. This involves wearing a mask in indoor spaces, isolating yourself from others when sick, staying 2 meters apart from people outside your household, and exercising proper hand hygiene. Click here for more details on being COVIDWise.

See the More page for more definitions and more information about the terms used.